Assapora l'Antipasto del Borgo

Assapora l’Antipasto del Borgo da condividere in due, offerto da noi fino al 30 Settembre.

Un’occasione per darti il Benvenuto nei meravigliosi spazi della nostra Cascina Lombarda alle porte di Milano.

Antipasto del Borgo: 4 delicate fette di Culatta Riserva, 2 tipici Mondeghili con cuore di Taleggio e crema piccante di Datterini Bio e 2 Margottini di Polenta mantecata al Casera con salsa di Acciughe.

Compila il Form e Scarica il tuo Buono da mostrare in Sala al nostro Personale.

[Valido solo a Cena, tutti i giorni, fino al 30 Settembre, prenotazione altamente consigliata]

A fully remodeled farmhouse in a magnificent park just few minutes from the city

Borgo Bagnolo Restaurant is your chance to experience the genuine, cosy, natural cuisine just 5 minutes from Milan.

A marvellous farmhouse immersed in country of San Donato Milanese, ready to have you for lunch and dinner both in the outdoor spaces and in the historic indoor halls.

In the name of conviviality, sharing, companionship and the most typical and flavours of our region.

An experience that can only be found in all its authenticity at Borgo Bagnolo.

Discover our Cascina with the Virtual Tour of Borgo Bagnolo

You can freely observe every detail of the exterior and interior, moving through the spaces of the Estate as if you were really there.


A dedication to the Lombardy gastronomic tradition with Territorial meat,  lake fish or seafood that always arrives fresh from the city fish market, Homemade pasta dishes and the Risotto with Ossobuco.

Dishes rich in flavour that will guide you along the provinces throughout Lombardy.

Reserve a Table for your Lunch or Dinner

Immerse yourself in the green and characteristic spaces of our little Borgo, the best way to forget the chaos of Milan for a few hours and let yourself be transported to a distant, peaceful, rural and natural setting in the name of true Lombard cuisine.

Book Online or call us at +39 375 7991600 and let us know if you would prefer to reserve a table in the Restaurant’s indoor Hall or the spacious outdoor Veranda.

Hospitality, Tradition and Friendly service

These are the most important values that represent us and that you can personally experience in our Restaurant.

A family ambience, where you can spend quality time in the company of friends and loved ones while we take care to make you feel welcome and welcome in the Cascina.

Rich, full dishes that taste of home are the culmination of this journey, which will make you leave Borgo Bagnolo totally regenerated and satisfied.

This is our promise.

The History of our Farm

Historical records report that
on the grounds of Bagnolo there was a clash between the
Milanese consuls and Barbarossa’s soldiers on 8 May 1161.

The first real historical map in existence dates back to 1722 and Bagnolo, appears to be the
property of the Nuns of Sant’Agostino in Porta Nuova.

In 1571, on the orders of Saint Charles, the ancient church of Bagnolo was rebuilt and remained a parish church until 1798, when Don
Catti, its parish priest, preferred to move the seat to Chiaravalle.

Despite this, the small church in Bagnolo still functioned because
Don Gatti, as long as he was alive, wanted it to still serve as a place of worship.

After his death in 1847, it was neglected and abandoned,
so much so that a few years later, in 1856, it was definitively deconsecrated.


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Street Luigi Calabresi, 42, 20097 San Donato Milanese MI


Monday: Closed

Tuesday – Friday
12:00 – 14:30
19:00 – 22:30

12:00 – 15:00
19:00 – 22:30

12:00 – 15:00

Sit, Eat, Relax and Discover the Real Lombardy in the Cascina di Borgo Bagnolo

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